Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today's birds

I went over to the Pathfinder trail this morning looking birds. I got there and discovered that my binoculars were not in the car. I used one of the backup pair, even though they are not as good. When I got out, there was a tremendous racket going on. There was a large flock of black birds in the trees and on the ground. Between the poor position of the sun, my crappy binoculars and my inability to ID icterids, I don't know what kind of blackbirds they were. I heard a call that was similar to the Red-Wing Blackbird's Kon-ker-ee, but wasn't quite right. I also didn't see any wing epaulets. Probably the same flock I saw last week and failed to ID. The highlight of the trip was flushing a pair of Wood Ducks off the river, and being able to ID them. I've never seen ducks on the Caney through town. I also saw, and heard my first Fish Crows of the year.

The list:

American Robin (flocks of them)
Blue Jay
Northern Cardinal
Downy Woodpecker
Red-Tailed Hawk
Turkey Vulture
Carolina Chickadee
American Crow
Fish Crow
Canada Goose
Wood Duck

Brings the family total to 41 for the year.

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