Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some more birds.

Our family birding year is not off to a great start, but hope springs eternal. We have gotten out a few more times. Some of the birds we have picked up are:

32. Yellow-rumped Warbler
33. Gadwall
34. Tufted Titmouse
35. Carolina Chickadee

I stopped by Oxley Nature Center the other day, on my way home from work. The damage done by December's Ice storm is amazing. The marsh was full of birds, many of the them Dark-eyed Juncos I've never thought of them as marsh birds. There were also a lot of sparrows. I don't know which kind. I need to work on sparrows. I went to the Pathfinder in Bartlesville this week as well. Saw a lot of expected birds. I also saw some sort of thrush and some "black bird". Never did figure out what they were. This is getting frustrating.

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