Saturday, February 9, 2008

The grossness of surgery

People often tell that they could never do my job because they couldn't stand all of the blood and gore of surgery. I usually reply that what you see in surgery is not that gross. It's the smell.


TS said...

The smell of blood mixed with all the strange chemicals and cleaning stuff must be just horrendous. But I would think it would mainly be that coppery/nasty blood smell that is the worst part.

Dafydd said...

I think that I was not secific enough. Most times there is nothing gross about surgery. There isn't much blood as we try to avoid causing bleeding. When there is blood, we suck it away or otherwise get rid of it as fast as posible. You can't see through blood. Most times I don't even notice the smell of blood. Pus, gangrene, dead bowels, spilled stool. These are the gross smells of surgery.