Monday, April 19, 2010

15 years

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Today I'm going to eat at Sonic.

Fifteen years ago was lying in bed reading when there was a loud noise and the house shook. I initially thought that a car had hit the house. I lived in Oklahoma City and I was three and half miles away from the Murrah Federal Building.

Within a couple of hours I was scrubbed in surgery at St. Anthony's. I was no longer an employee, having parted ways with the hospital almost a year earlier. I was part of three separate teams working at the same time on the most seriously wounded patient. I've been scrubbing for almost twenty years. I remember two patient names. This woman is one of them. (The other was named David Stapleton.)

At one point I went to see if I could help in instrument processing. St Anthony's was the nearest hospital to the federal building. (Close enough that the hospital building itself had minor damage.) Hundreds of walking wounded had found their way to the St. Anthony ER. Almost all of them had severe lacerations. The average hospital stocks maybe thirty suture trays. Luanna, the scrub in charge of processing, had her staff opening every tray we wouldn't being using that day, the GYN instrument and the like, and reassembling them into suture trays: Two hemostats, a needle holder, a pair of scissors and some forceps.

When I came out of surgery, I was surprised to find bags full of Sonic hamburgers. Someone at Sonic had figured that there would be a lot of people working a lot of hours at the hospitals who would not have much chance to eat. They made and sent thousands of burgers to every hospital in town without being asked.

Today I will say a prayer for the souls of the departed and a prayer for the continued health of the survivors and families. And I'll eat at Sonic.


Anonymous said...

I (ironically) randomly found your blog this afternoon. This post made my eyes water, it's so touching to hear stories of selfless giving especially by your hospital and Sonic. I hope you are well, I now work as an RN in a large hospital in Pittsburgh, PA and hope to never have to experience disaster scenarios like the one you had.

Snowbrush said...

What an interesting reminiscence.

Picaro said...

It is quite heartening to see the care and the back-room part played by Sonic in the relief of the Oklahoma bombing.

I send them my best wishes for their future, and a note to give me a taste of their burger.