Thursday, January 1, 2009

New household member

Yesterday we welcomed a new member to our household: Lord Ratbane, Baron von Shasta, otherwise known as Shasta, or Mr. Kitty.

His Lordship is spending his period of adjustment to his new surroundings by hiding under and behind things. It took some physical persuading, but he will no longer be hiding behind the dishwasher. That way is closed.

The daughters had been making noise for several months about wanting a cat. The wife wanted a Maine Coon, mainly because she wanted a big cat. Well, we got a big cat. This cat is only three and half months old and is as large as some of the adult cats in our neignborhood. He is going to be monster. It is good thing for the neighborhood cats that he is going to be an indoor cat, because in 5 months he will be able to eat the current top cat for breakfast. (The current top cat is a mid-sized grey persian.)

Important safety note, BTW, if you hhave a low grade allergy to cats, it is best to not let the cat use its very sharp kitten claws to inject you in multiple places with its dander. Thank God (and McNeil Healthcare) for Benadryl.


Mike Looney said...

One of The Redheaded Girls and Art Dudes or from some other source?

Dafydd said...

Yes, one from the back room. Male orange tabby with white chest and socks.

Anonymous said...

How is Mr. Kitty doing? We just welcomed a new member into our home as well. His name is Poofy. I have an article labeled "Cat" as well. Check it out if you have a minute! :)