Monday, September 15, 2008

Stupid Dumb Ass Cats

The Elder Daughter is very taken with the Warrior Cats books by Erin Hunter. She has read the each of the thirty million titles in the series at least 1035 times. (I may be exaggerating.) She also makes little dolls out of pipe cleaners including little pipe cleaner cats. She and the Younger Daughter (age 4) will play with cat dolls , acting out the books. Although she loves real cats, the Younger Daughter likes to tweak the Elder Daughter.

Does having your four year old call the game she is playing and enjoying, "stupid, dumb-ass cats" mean we have failed or succeeded as parents?

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Mike Looney said...

Depends. If she says that in my house, about my (real) cats, well, Epic Fail.

Otherwise, Turbo Win.