Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Project

So I haven't been doing much blogging recently. This is in part because I have been working on a rather large project.

Anybody who knows me knows that I like to make lists. Not "To Do" lists, but lists of things. One of the things I like to make lists of is books. Since my first daughter was born, I have developed an interest in children's literature. So obviously I had to start making a list of good children's literature.

I've decided to put this list as a web site, in part as an exercise in learning HTML. The first draft is over there. It's ugly, there are massive formatting problems and is incomplete. There probably will be a blog attached to it later.


Mike Looney said...

Not to be a pain in butt or any thing, but as a "learning HTML" page, well, it has issues.

799 errors, as a case in point

Dafydd said...

Well, looking at the list, it seems that there are actually fewer errors. It seems to me that the vast majority of the "errors" stem from the lack of a DOCTYPE Declaration. Almost all of the "errors" are "document type does not allow element "H3" here" or "document type does not allow element "UL" here". Which I assume stems from the lack of a DOCTYPE declaration. The rest of the errors are from code supplied by Amazon.

Question. Does the page load on all of your multitude of browsers?

Another question. Do the book title links take you to Amazon.com?

Another another question. What's a DOCTYPE Declaration? Stop banging your head on the desk.

Dafydd said...

OK, now I'm down to 427 errors, a few were caught because I cut and pasted a DOCTYPE declaration into the file. About forty were from my incorrect syntax for comments. Several hundred came from failing to close a single "H3" tag. Add in a couple of other random errors and we are down to 427. There seem to be two issues. The first is that I haven't included information on character encoding, whatever the hell that is. The second is that this validatation software doesn't like Amazon's code. Each line of code supplied by Amazon generates over twenty error messages.

Dafydd said...

Found a couple more, now 424, except for that character encoding thing, all in the amazon code.

Mike Looney said...

See this Use the HTML option.

Dafydd said...

That brings me down to 424 errors. All of the rest are in the code provided by Amazon. Interestingly, Amazon's home page has over 1600 errors. I guess they don't care.

Mike said...

No, they don't care. That's the least of their sins to the geek community.