Monday, January 28, 2008

To start

So how does one start a blog? I'm not talking about the mechanics, but the actually writing. What should be the content of the first post? This question has actually delayed my starting this, or any other blog, for some time. However, an old friend recently started blogging, and that was my kick in the pants to do something. I think I will take some comfort in the idea that in all probability no one is actually reading this.

Today we decided to go do a little nature hike at the Oxley Nature Center in Tulsa. Got everyone into the car bright and early, about noon. Drove down to Tulsa. It seems that trails are closed because they are still blocked by limbs from the ice storm last month and branches are still falling. Sigh. Plan B, we'd go to Gilcrease, see some good art, read the copy of the Declaration of Independence. Sophie could commune with Moran's Shoshone Falls. Museums are closed on Monday. Sigh. We ended up getting fabric for Sophia's Easter dress. Perhaps next time.

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